Game On.

Arcade Games

Try your luck on timeless ticket prize tests, take on your pals at Mario Kart or defeat waves of aliens in Space Invaders. We’ve got games for everyone.

Battle it out for the highest scores on our careful curation of classic arcade games. Rack up the tickets on our redemption games and lay your claim to the coveted collectables at our prize parlour.

Game cards can be purchased online and in-venue. So grab a card and let's play.

Buy a game card

Let's make a deal.

You choose the amount and we’ll throw in a little extra - our treat.

Pay $30 | Get $35

Pay $50 | Get $65

Pay $70 | Get $90

Pay $100 | Get $150

Arcade Games

Our selection of games varies slightly depending on the venue. But fear not, we've got games sure to delight everyone.


Do I have to book?

Fear not, if you don't book, you won't miss out, we welcome walk-ins and pre-planners alike. If pre-planning is your style, you can pre-purchase a game card here.

How do I buy a B. Lucky & Sons game card?

You can book a game card here, just select the amount of money you would like to load onto the card and follow the booking instructions.

How do I get my game card when I buy one online?

When you buy a game card online, we'll send you an email confirmation of your purchase. When you arrive in venue, head to the front desk and a member of our team will give you the pre-loaded card so you can get playing.

What if I don't use all my credit or tickets in one visit, can I get a refund?

If you don't redeem all your tickets or use all your game credit in one visit, you're in luck... The card is yours to keep, so keep it somewhere safe and be sure to use it the next time you visit.

Your credit and tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of the last time you used it. Please note, credit on game cards is non-refundable.

How does B. Lucky & Sons work?

There is no cover charge to enter B. Lucky & Sons. Once you arrive, head to the front desk to collect your pre-purchased game card, or buy one on the spot and a member of our team will load it up with credit for you.

To play the arcade games, simply 'tap' your card on your game of choice each time you would like to play.

Can I book certain games?

We love the hustle, but our games work in a 'first-come-first-play' fashion, so they can't be pre-booked.

How much does each game cost?

Different arcade games have different prices. They range from $2–$7.

What should I do if my card isn't collecting tickets?

Be sure to check if you are participating in a promotion. All of our promotions exclude ticket winning and prize games.

If you have any issues collecting tickets on your card outside of a promotion, be sure to ask one of our friendly staff members to help.